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                   My name is Preetha Soumyan and i am a stay at home to my three children and for my lovely husband.We are from the beautiful land famous for coconut trees  backwaters spices and ayurveda, Kerala(Indian State). We are from the Northern Part of Kerala, Thalassery, a part of Malabar.Now i live in Bangalore with my family.
                      I believe kitchen are made for bringing families together. Everyone loves to have food that is cooked and served from heart and tastes good. That is the base of a healthy family.
                      My family loves to enjoy food from any region, cuisine and would love to experiment and try it at home.
                      Since i am always at home, and as my family , relatives and friends appreciates my food, they asked why don't you start sharing the secret behind your tastes. Thats how this "A Bowl Of Curry" happened. I was always comfortable with making traditional foods from Kerala, now that i have relocated myself to Bangalore, i have started exploring more and more....
                      The recipes in this blog are all tried and tested by my lovely family.. Only after their approval, i will post it on my blog..                       
                     Thanks for stopping by, and reading this and i do appreciate to give feedback about the recipes i have prepared and posted on my blog, be it good or bad , i am ready to take any comments , but only related to food..


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Thank you so much for paying a visit to my little blog. If you happen to try out any of my recipes posted on blog, please do leave a comment, from which I can review and also help other visitors who visit A Bowl of Curry. Feel free o send in your suggestions about the blog or the recipes…which will make me improve.

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