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Eastern Condiments ~ ethnic cuisines | A Product Review

Hi Friends,
This is something i have not done on my blog, a "Product Review". When the media manager of Eastern Condiments contacted me through my contact form, i was surprised why me?, as i haven't done this before. So i thought why not?, as i am one of the "Loyal Consumer's" of Eastern products.The have a wide variety of products and i am a regular user of different products from Turmeric powder, Red chilly powder, Kashmiri chilly powder, Meat Masala, Chicken Masala etc. My new addiction is their Fish Masala, which has an exquisite flavour and taste in it. So i was happy to do a review for them and asked them to send me the products and it was almost 2 months i have been waiting for the courier. As there was no info from them i totally forgot about it. And just 3 days back to my surprise i received this parcel. Now that Eastern has concentrated to other South Indian other than Kerala.They have launched a few products with the ethnic taste of Karnataka.
I received a parcel containing one pack of Eastern Vangi Bhath Mix, Eastern Bisi Bele Bhath Mix and Eastern Puliyogare Masala.

My family likes the flavoured rices prepared in Karnataka,I have tried these masala's of a different brand, but Eastern being one among my favourites i was happy to try and serve these dishes to my family. We all know, every mother at home has a tendency to try out these instant powder's and mixes, as they come very handy. And each of the product had very well explained recipe behind the packet , which was easy and simple to follow.I prepared all the rice items , each with 2 cups of rice and served with onion raita and pappad.
Eastern Vangi Bhath Mix 
Rating ♥♥♥♥

Vangi bhath was the first masala i prepared, while opening itself the aroma of the coriander was so evident in the masala.I followed the packet instructions and came out good. Everyone liked it and the colour was very good. My husband liked it very much.

Eastern Bisi Bele Bhath Mix
Rating ♥♥♥

Next was the Bisi Bele Bhath mix, which usually is prepared in a mushy texture, i made it a normal texture.Oh!!! when i started to mix the masala, the main spice i could sense was cinnamon and clove. The taste was good and perfect,with all the spices added perfectly in quantity.This colour was quite less when i made it, may be because i change the texture and my son gave a thumps up for the recipe. I am giving an overall rating for this.

Eastern Puliyogare Masala
Rating ♥♥♥♥♥
This was the most liked and thumps up from the whole family.I usually use gingely oil(ellanna/sesame oil) for puliyogare and used the same for preparing .Every spice was very much well balanced and the aroma and taste of tamarind was very prominent in the masala. This masala was very easy to prepare among the three.But i needed a bit more peanuts in them, that was missing and i added my own ...
Overall all ,three masala's mixes was very much enjoyed by my family as a one pot meal (Though i prepared a minimal quantity). I would definitely suggest, whoever loves to prepares these one pot meal should try these ethnic cuisines of Karnataka.I enjoyed my bit of taste, hope even your mailbox will also surprise with a mail from Eastern and deliver the aroma at your dining table.If not do buy each one and enjoy your meal ...   


  1. I love eastern products..when i came to chennai i contacted their c -care for knowing the product availability...:)

    1. Is it so difficult to get Eastern Products in a city like Chennai??? dont they sell in Big Bazaar and all??? Happy that even you love their products

  2. Your review gives me the confident to try eastern condiments. My hubby is a big fan of puliograe so this will def be handy for me!!!

    1. You can happily go buy this mixes Ree... i was happy If you get and try do let me know how it was...

  3. hmm... good review. Glad to know that eastern have come up with karnataka mixes. Being from that place, i would love to taste it asap to see hw authentic they are....

    1. Thank u Smitha..Eastern Products is launching their products.. i have seen some in few outlets.. try out the puliyogare was superb.

  4. I've never heard of this product! Nice review!

    1. Thank u so much... hope u will taste it someday

  5. Thats a nice review, I would really love to try their vangi bath and pullliogare mix . I am the biggest fan of Eastern masala powders it is the best but It really angers me that it is the only brand that is not widely available in the US (Indian stores) compared to all other chota mota stuff. I hope eastern people read this. :)


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