Friday, February 7, 2014

"Dish - It - Out" - "Light Dinners" - Round Up

First and foremost,a big Thank you to Vardhini for giving me the opportunity to host "Dish-it-Out"  event. Wow!!!! that was the response for my first event - 131 delicious entries to drool over...When i announced this event,i had no idea that the response will be so overwhelming as it is my first as a beginner. I am so happy by the support and response i received. Thanks to everyone who participated in this event with such enthusiasm. Hope this round up will give us such delicious recipes to plan for a Light Dinner at home.. I bet you cannot pick one as your favourite.....But i surely need to mention two of my fellow bloogers who contributed with the maximum number of entries, Asha of Chikkus Kitchen and Eliza of Lincy's Cook Art .I have posted the entries in the alphabetic order of blog names. Go ahead! Indulge!!
Please do let me know if i have missed any of your entries. do buzz me a i haven't posted entries that falls out of the event [non-veg and egg dishes without baking])

               Dal Makhani

                        Plantain Corn Soup

                                  Chole Masala

                                       Oats Upma

              Khara Dosai

             Khichdi Kadhi

            Sarson Ka Saag
           Instant Wheat Idli

                            Vegetable Kurma

                         Sesame Peanut Noodles

            Brocccoli Pasta

            Savory Kuzhi paniyaram

                                  Semiya Pulao

                 Red Millet Idli

Thanks once again for all of your wonderful supportFace Throwing A Kiss Emoji 1f618


  1. Congratulations on hosting your first event successfully!

    1. Thank you so much Preeti... i really enjoyed with such flavorful recipes from you all

  2. Oh my god! Have not seen any one did such a beautiful Round up!!! Superb Preetha.

    1. Really thank u so much.. Eliza... u gave a great collection of your recipes

  3. Nice round up ...Got such a huge collection of light dinners ..

  4. congrats and lovely round up chechi... :)

  5. Wow thats an awesome round up of super yummy dishes

  6. u have put in a lot of effort chechi... hats off!

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