Saturday, May 31, 2014

Event Announcement : Cooking With Seeds - "Green Peas"

I am glad to announce that Priya's 'Cooking With Seeds' event stops and take its journey for this month at 'A Bowl Of Curry' for it's next edition.As the name suggests, this event is all about seeds and each edition focuses on a particular edible seed from an array of them which are edible for eg: like rice, chick peas, almonds, peas, dals, oats, wheat, barley etc...This is my first chance to host this lovely event on my blog. I Thank Priya for giving me this opportunity. The seed i have chosen for this series is Green Peas / Mattar / Pacha Pattaani. You can cook and post any course of meal be it a soup, patties/fritters/cutlets, pancakes, dosa's, rice dishes, curries .. the lists go on with varieties and innovations of your choices. BUT Green Peas should be the main ingredient in the dish you prepare.
So all you need to do is link in your delicious entries using the linky tool or if that's troubling you just mail me with your link with the photos attached. So get going...I hope my fellow foodies are going to make this event successful.. Thanks all of them in advance.

The event rules are as follows…
  1. The event runs from 1 to 31 June 2014
  2. You can cook anything from. It can be a starter, main dish, side dish, dessert or any other recipes.
  3. Bloggers, please link your recipes using the linky tool below.
  4. Recipe must be linked to this page and CWS event announcement which is mandatory.
  5. Usage of logo is appreciated for all entries as it would help spread the word.
  6. You can link both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.
  7. You can submit as many recipes as you wish.
  8. Archived recipes can also be submitted when updated with the event details.
  9. Not mandatory, but will be highly appreciated if you can like us on Facebook for updates and recipes.
  10. Non bloggers can send in their recipes to my email with following details: your name,blogs name, recipe name, details of recipe and photos.                    
So friends what are you waiting for? Please start linking your mouth watering recipes using the linky tool…
Link in your entries here please... :)


  1. Nice event..will try to post..

  2. wow... my favorite green peas... sure will participate :) all the best chechi :)

  3. Lovely event! Happy hosting! Will post my entries too!

  4. wonderful event dear :) will try to participate !!

  5. Happy hosting Preetha, will send my entries soon.

  6. lovely event,happy hosting :)

  7. Great! I love Green Peas. I will surely check back to have a look at all entries if I cant think of something special to enter myself.

  8. wow great happy to a part of this event..keep it up!!

  9. Great to hear from you...will try to post..

  10. Happy hosting.. wil link few soon

  11. Hi Preetha! Linked my entry to the event. Im happy to be a part of this event!!

  12. I have send my entry Preetha ! will try to send more entries.

  13. Hello
    Just linked my post for the event,Thanks for inviting....

  14. Very Nice event , linked in recipes .

  15. Thank you for the invite...Have linked my post to the event.
    I could not use the link tool coz it showed me the options of only blogger site and I have a wordpress.


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