Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ariyunda - The Kerala Style

An authentic sweet from Kerala...i have seen, when i was a kid... in my house our maid used to make these. She used to first roast the rice in otturuli and then powder it in "ural & ulakka", a traditional mortar i would say, which is the bigger version of what we use nowadays for crushing spices and all. Nowthat we have mixer/grinder the preparation is very easy.After my marriage my amma used to prepare and send to three of her daughters every year.At home all love this.So here goes the recipe. 

  1. Rice - 2 cups (Preferably Kerala Boiled Rice)
  2. Crushed or powdered jaggery - 3/4 to 1 cup (add more if the jaggery is less sweet )
  3. Grated coconut - 1 cup
  4. Cardamom- 5 - 6 nos. (optional) (This will give a distinct flavor)
  • Heat a  pan and dry roast the rice on medium flame, until it pops up and turns golden brown. Keep it aside to cool for 5 minutes. (First roast 1 cup and then the remaining). 
  • Grind the roasted rice using a mixer/ grinder to a fine powder, also add cardamom pods . Transfer it to a bowl.(Keep 1/4 cup aside for coating).
  • Now add grated coconut and jaggery to the mixer and grind it for about 3-4 minutes.You will get a paste,to this add the powdered rice and combine well. Transfer the mixture to a plate.
  • Shape them into small balls using hand.
  • Dust each balls with the rice powder.
  • Store in air tight containers.

  • While making balls if the mixture is sticky, just smear a little ghee on your palm and then make the balls.
  • If while making balls the mixture is breaking,tightly press and then shape it.
  • Dusting is not necessary ,my mother used to do it.
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  1. ari unda super Preetha chechi.. Nice clicks too..

  2. Super delicious sweet....... Love it!

  3. Wow good old memories...I love these...got to try it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank u so much Shibi....i know most of them are feeling nostalgic... after this post.. now even i am.....do tell me how it was if u make it.

  4. nice clicks n the undai looks super yummy

  5. awesome clicks chechi... such a tempting delight...

  6. Felt nostalgic and it was a childhood instant dessert prepared by my mom. Love the way u have prepared and wonderful clicks.

  7. one of my favorites,this looks much simpler chechi ...my mom makes it different,perfectly shaped :)

    1. Thanks alot Julie... this is my mom's preparation, my mothers-in-law used to prepare it in a different way.....

  8. Woderful clicks ...The ladoo looks so perfect ..

  9. Yummy sweet.....http://kurinjikathambam.blogspot.in/

  10. wow...super tempting:)
    Looks yummy and beautiful pictures

  11. perfect, love ur clicks as well!!!

  12. Authentic ariyunda made with perfection & lovely clicks !!

  13. I've never had this before. They look so perfect!!

  14. Thanks for linking it to favourite recipes event.

  15. Thanks Preetha Sister for nice recipe Arai uranda, now day's i'm becoming a great fan for your all receipes.


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