Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Foodabulous Fest" June 2014- Event Announcement

"Foodabulous Fest" June 2014- Event Announcement 
Hi Friends, i am happy as one more event is on at my space back2back.So here comes the Foodabulous Fest for June 2014, and event by Preeti of Simply Tadka. I would like to thank Preeti for giving me this wonderful opportunity to host the event. I am inviting each one of my fellow bloggers to participate actively and make this a huge success.

"Foodabulous Fest" is origin from (food +fabulous + festivals) where we can prepare fabulous food which prepared for specific festivals and special days to celebrate. It’s a monthly series which celebrate every month with monthly festivals and special day.

In June ,there are no special festivals going on, but A special day is on , which every child who love his/her parent would love to celebrate, "Father's Day". We know how special both our parents are in each ones lives, the tremendous and heartfelt love and affection they have for their children.We have celebrated mother's day last month.Father's Day is the third Sunday of June in many countries. It is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, but it is also celebrated widely on other days.This time in India, we are celebrating Father's Day on the 15th of this month.
So i want each of my fellow bloggers cook their father's special dish, be it a sweet/drink/main dish/ or any course they love eating or would love to taste. 

Rules for the event:
  • The event runs through the month of June (1st June -30th June)
  • Only vegetarian recipes are allowed.
  • Use linky tools to enter your recipes at the end of post or mail me on (
  • You have to follow Simply TADKA via GFC and Facebook.
  • No archives please, only fresh entries can add during the month of June.
  • Usage of logo is compulsory; it's recommended that you use it as it helps spread the word.
  • The post must to be linked with Foodabulous Fest Event organised by Simply TADKA and host by A Bowl Of Curry, it’s compulsory.
  • In case you have a problem using linky tool you can send the details to ( in the following format using subject line of Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate “June2014 Series”.
    You’re Name
    Email- id
    Blog Name
    Blog URL
    Recipe Name
    Recipe URL

For the Non-Blogger:
You can share your recipe with details and pictures to my email-id ,in the following format using subject line of Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate “June 2014 Series”.

Looking forward for the lots of fabulous recipes for the month of June’s Celebrations, Join me in my blog through GFC and Facebook


  1. Another lovely event! Happy hosting!

  2. good event .. will link for sure

  3. Happy Hosting...! have linked up my entry.

  4. Oh sure to enter my dad's favorite soon...Happy hosting.

  5. happy hosting chechi... will link in...

  6. Fabulous event. See what I have to store to submit.

  7. oh thanx chechy fr including my recipe!!!!!! I trieed several time for linking it...


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